Exporting Networks

During the past over years, our company has been providing approximately 7.000 vehicles to the State Material Office, Turkish Armed Forces and Metropolitan Municipalities, hundreds of public and private sectors.

Turkey has exported to many countries including CIS countries, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nigeria, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Dubai, Jordan, Libya and even Thailand.

Our mentality is every product is a flag. Our products are suitable for EU norms and producing with CE certificated.Our difference is we are taking care of the after sales service. Our after sales service team is providing their service 7/24.

KARBA is following the continuous and changing technology to manufacture the on time and complete with highest quality. Providing products and services in accordance with the accepted standards in this direction targeting by customer satisfaction. Observing employee health and safety. Increasing the competence of our human resources with training activities. Providing continuous improvement and improvement of our quality management system is our main principle.