Quality Policy

By continously improving quality management system, creating customer confidence and continously increase customer satisfaction.

To identify customer expectations and needs truely and satisfy them at the maximum level. To follow developments in the sector and invest accordingly.

Aiming to continous development, increase manufacturing efficiency and to secure the quality. Having a strong team with its engineers and technicians, KARBA continous its operations by having a corporate manner that quality is a shared responsiblity.

The most important output of our company is the quality. Quality is the responsibility of all the personnel working in our company. We believe in that and also commited ourselves to accomplish a duty at once. We improve our human resources’ skills by conducting educations. Continous work and development are main principals of our company. Customer oriented working is the key factor of our success.

Representing our company with our product and service quality, both in domestic and international platforms, is our main objective.

For that,

  • Increasing customer satisfaction by continous improvement and our after sales service.
  • Following closely of current technological advancements.
  • Successfully completing approved bodybuilder processes of international chassis manufacturers.
  • Increasing skills of our employees, subcontractors and suppliers by providing educational activities and increasing efficiency on all processes.
  • Reviewing continously and improving our ISO 9001 quality management system

To sustain our operations in compliance with environment, work healty and security management systems. Focus point of our quality understanding is our human resources.